Ginie Bowker – Managing Director

Ginie started this company 2 years ago with no financial aid, now, 2 years on, and a new office later, she has a great team working tirelessly to provide expert services to tenants and landlords alike! Ginie has a wealth of experience in the lettings sector and anything she does not know is not worth knowing! She has worked for several letting agencies in the past gaining her expertise in the field, and now she is going from strength to strength!


Natalie Bowker – Office Manager

Natalie is an integral cog in the Bowker Lettings machine. Working vigorously each and every day to ensure everything runs smoothly for our landlords and tenants. The work she puts in does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by each and every one of us!


 Sarah Bowker – Admin

A newer member of the team, Sarah handles tenants moving into and out of properties as well as a large amount of admin work which goes on behind the scenes. Sarah works tirelessly to ensure each and every property is prepared and ready for tenants’ big day moving into their new homes!


Barbara Bowker – Admin Assisstant

Barbara is a valued member of staff. She ensures all the behind the scenes paperwork gets completed and the tenants are all set to move into their new homes! She is an integral member of the team and we would be lost without her!


 Denny Palma-Breheny – Business Development Manager

Another new member of the team, Denny definitely has the gift of the gab, and it shows when bringing on new properties, interacting with landlords and ensuring they understand how we work 100%. She is on a mission to beat Ginie, and if she continues the way she has begun, there is no reason why she cant!


 Mel McCrea – Senior Sales Negotiator / Maintenance Manager

Mel has a wealth of knowledge in the letting sector, and there is nobody better to learn from! working alongside Ginie for a number of years elsewhere, he has come on board to share his expertise with the rest of the workforce and keep the sales rolling in!


 Dean Midgley – Sales Negotiator / Website Maintenance

Dean is yet another member of our ever expanding company. He has hit the ground running with a sales background and is giving Mel a run for his money! He is also in charge of all the website maintenance, ensuring all of the new properties our team bring on are marketed to the highest possible standard!


Leah Thomas – Receptionist

Handling hundreds of phone calls, Leah has the unenviable job of making sure each and every one of the team receives messages, as well as ensuring potential new tenants book viewings to their potential new homes! she is on the front line, and she is doing an excellent job!